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Celebrity Look Alikes in MD

If you're looking for one of the most innovative ideas for a party, then look no further! Celebrity impersonators in  are a huge hit for any party. Whether your favorite celebrity is Lady Gaga or Captain Jack Sparrow, these celebrity look alikes in Maryland can show up to your party to make it the most fun! You can also find entertainers who will arrive at your party dressed as your daughter's favorite princess by using KidsParties.Party.

Servicing the Greater Baltimore Area, Baltimore, Maryland


Elvis is Alive in Maryland
Elvis was a renowned artist born in 1935 and passed away in 1977. He is mostly recognized as the father of rock and roll and was also featured in some movies in his time. While he was alive, Elvis Presley created a following, some who still believe that he never died. 

Well, in Baltimore Maryland, all the Elvis fans look up to Richard Blane one of the most successful Elvis Presley impersonators. He pays a tribute to Elvis with his shows and also dressing up like Elvis. He has a track record of keeping the Elvis spirit alive in Maryland and bringing Elvis back to the fans in Maryland.

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Servicing the Greater Baltimore Area, Baltimore, Maryland


The Awesome 1960's Spy
If you were lucky to watch the Austin Powers movies, you would be excited to learn that some people still impersonate the main character, Austin Powers. For most people, impersonation only works for Halloween, but there are a few who have made it a business and do performance based on the characters they impersonate.

Well, Richard Halpern is definitely one of the individuals who have benefited from impersonating various celebrities. His Austin Powers performance is exceptional. Thanks to Richard Halpern, Maryland residents can still enjoy their favorite superhero character, Austin Powers.

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Servicing the Greater Annapolis Area, Annapolis, Maryland


One Stop Shop For Top Celebrity Look A Likes
Everyone has a celebrity they admire and adore. In that case, every individual wants to dress up as their favorite celebrity just once, even if it's on Halloween especially because most of the celebrities we admire are too far out of reach. Well, apart from Halloween, thanks to Total Entertainment, you can pay just to see your favorite celebrity.

Total Entertainment is the one-stop shop for most celebrity impersonators. For instance, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Liza Minelli, Ben Franklin, Elton John, Neil Diamond etc. At cheap and affordable prices you can attend any performance from these celebrity impersonators and enjoy seeing your favorite celebrity.

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Servicing the Greater Baltimore Area, Baltimore, Maryland


Home To The Best Celebrity Impersonators
Besser Entertainment is home to the best celebrity look a likes in the whole of Maryland. Here, you can find perfect top celebrity impersonators from musical celebrities, actors, US presidents and other famous people in America. Some of the renowned celebrity impersonators from Besser Entertainment include Frank Sinatra, President Obama and Clinton etc.

If you are looking for a celebrity impersonation performance, Besser Entertainment is the perfect choice. With the perfect track record from performing at private parties, birthday party, concerts etc: Besser Entertainment is definitely home to the best of the best Maryland Celebrity Impersonators.

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Servicing the Greater Annapolis Area, Annapolis, Maryland


Exact Celebrity Look A Likes
It's very hard to find an exact match to someone else. Although most celebrity impersonators may have the same voice, or the same facial features or in some cases, the same height as the celebrity they are impersonating, there is always a difference somewhere. 

Thanks to Tapley Entertainment, you can find an exact celebrity look alike in Maryland. Ranging from the most famous celebrities such as Beyonce, to the least famous celebrities, Tapley Entertainment is home to celebrity exact look- alikes.

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Servicing the Greater Baltimore Area, Baltimore, Maryland


Celebrity Look A Likes for Stunts in Movies
For safety reasons, every celebrity may need a body double, which means an exact match for the tough scenes in a movie. On the other hand, famous presidents who have received security threats hired body doubles to speak at insecure conferences.

At Extras For Movies, you can find exact matches for different celebrities who have at one time played the same role as the celebrity in a particular movie. With the body characteristics, it's quite difficult for the audience to differentiate between the two people.

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Servicing the Greater Annapolis Area, Annapolis, Maryland


Frank Raines - The man with many talents
Meet Frank Raines, the man who has made awesome tributes to Elvis Presley, the entertainer, the musician, the comedian, the TV host, the emcee etc. Frank Raines has assumed all the above mentioned roles and many more and has performed on different stages and for different types of people.

He is mostly remembered for paying the ultimate tribute to Elvis Presley, the fallen father to Rock and Roll. Frank Raines has used his voice to captivate different types of audience with his humor and musical performances. This is one man you should be listening to.

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Servicing the Greater Baltimore Area, Baltimore, Maryland


Joan Rivers Impersonator
Joan Rivers born in 1933 is renowned for several movies such as Hot in Cleveland, Iron Man 3, The Simpsons, The Smurfs, Arthur, Spaceballs etc. Despite being 80 years old she still has a youthful look and is impersonated by various celebrity impersonators in Maryland.

One of the renowned Joan Rivers impersonators is Ellie Weingardt who has appeared in several performances all over Maryland some of which became very memorable. If you are looking for an exact match to Joan Rivers for your event, contact Ellie Weingardt immediately.

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Servicing the Greater Annapolis Area, Annapolis, Maryland


Musician, Performer and Composer
Lee Alverson is definitely a man of many talents. Having paid tributes to many renowned artists such as Elton John, Billy Joel and many more, he has set the stage for celebrity impersonators in Maryland. Being an entertainer doubling as a musician, a performer and a composer, Lee Alverson has worked for private parties, birthday parties and even for corporate parties.

Looking for Elton John or Billy Joe in Maryland, Lee Alverson is definitely the perfect person for the job. Invite Lee Alverson for any party you may be planning and no regrets or disappointments will follow.

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Servicing the Greater Baltimore Area, Balitmore, Maryland


Frank Sinatra Impersonator
Frank Sinatra is a musical legend who was born in 1915 and died in 1988. He was a renowned musician and a famous actor who has been paid tributes by most Maryland impersonators to date. Most of his songs are quoted in movies and also many musicians respect him. 

Although there are very many Frank Sinatra impersonators in Maryland, no one ever does it as perfectly as Gilbert Gauthier, a renowned performer and entertainer. He has traveled across Baltimore performing many Frank Sinatra musical pieces and paying tribute to the fallen musical legend.

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