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College Bars in MD

If you are a student looking to unwind and relax after a long day of classes and homework, you need to check out these college bars in MD. Bring your friends and enjoy an afternoon or evening with other students just like you! These are the best college bars throughout Maryland.

117 West 49th Street, Ocean City, MD 21842


A place of exceptional fun
Seacrets is one of the most attractive and enjoyable college bars in MD. Seacrets is your entertainment center in Ocean City Maryland. Visit any of the 17 Ocean City MD bars for specialty drinks. Live bands and entertainment inside Morley Hall night club or outside on the beach. Enjoy an afternoon on the bay rafts with personal service. Hungry? Waterfront dining on the beach overlooking the bay is available. Enjoy Caribbean cuisine in the waterfront restaurant.

So if you wish to take pleasure in a different seaside environment, please hurry to visit Seacrets.

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1157 Haubert Street, Baltimore, MD 21230


Enjoy an amazing night
Down the Hatch, a cozy neighborhood bar where you'll always get a warm smile, great conversation, and a beer in hand.

Their goal is to serve all in the community, and create a Haven for all who may want to get out for a night of merriment and relaxation. Beer, Pizza, Games on the big screen or just a new friendly face...you'll get it all served at your neighborhood friendly bar...Down the Hatch! A great college bar in MD!

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1639 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD 21231


Have fun with music and drinks
Leadbetters was opened in the 1960's on Thames Street and named after Huddie Ledbetter, also known as "Leadbelly". Leadbetters has been the hang out of people looking for a quaint, scruffy, comfortable place to meet friends for good entertainment and partying. Whether it's Rock-a-Billy, Classic Rock and Roll, Modern Rock, Old Time Blues or Folk Music, you can find it at Leadbetters. Leadbetters is an entertainment venue for musicians and bands to play to great audiences from all walks of life.

Leadbetters is also one of the best clubs and college bars to enjoy your nights in Maryland. So make an immediate visit to Leadbetters to flourish your night fun. 

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14 Worcester Street, Ocean City, MD 21842


One of the best places to dance
There are a lot of night clubs in Maryland. But all are only for adults. It is really hard to find a night club where everybody can enter. The H2O is the Ocean City's ONLY under 21 dance club. There are different parties each night. MTV celebrities come every Wednesday night all summer long. $10 before 8:30 and $20 After!

The H2O offers different types of program on dance and music to entertain you. So make a visit to be entertained with dance, music, drinks and many more attractions. This is a great college bar for all tudents in MD.

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