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Kids Ventriloquists in MD

Ventriloquists are a great entertainer to have at your next child's party. Read through our comprehensive guide of the best ventriloquists Maryland can offer you. There are many different styles and varieties of ventriloquists in Maryland. Read through our entire list until you find one that feels right for your party or event. Check out KidsParties.Party to view similar children's entertainment such as kid-friendly comedians and puppet show entertainers in MD.

Servicing the Greater Baltimore Area, Baltimore , Maryland


Exemplary Ventriloquism Comedy
Listening to ventriloquists is very funny and exciting. They always make you believe that the other puppet is actually talking. This comedy makes people of all ages laugh their hearts out. Well, if you want to make your child's upcoming birthday party to be extra special, invite one of the respected ventriloquists in Maryland, Silly Goose and Val. 

Having performed in different venues such as churches, private parties, parties and birthdays, Silly Goose and Val has brought out the laughter in many children all over Maryland and continues making exceptional memories. Contact Silly Goose and Val immediately and create unforgettable memories.

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, Westminster, Maryland 21158


Creating Lasting Moments with Comedy
Being a comedian is not easy. As a comedian you need to differentiate between the target audience. For instance, if there are children in your audience you need to clean out your humor and make sure you use clean language. Well, for the few who have tried, none is more renowned than Tom Crowl. He has performed his ventriloquism humor in different crowds and he is always appreciated.

Well, for those planning a party for their child, the best way to make every guest in your party laugh their hearts out, contact Tom Crowl immediately. Enjoy the customized humor for all the children at your party.

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346 South Stricker Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21223


Musical Marionette Shows for Comedy
Being a puppeteer is not an easy job. You need to come up with a story line, different characters and in most cases come up with different puppets to match each character. Children always love puppets because they engage their minds and bring out the creativity.

If you are planning a birthday party for your child this coming weekend, a puppeteer will definitely bring out all the comedy that will allow the children and the adults to laugh their hearts out. Why don't you hire the best puppeteers in Maryland, the Beale street puppets and enjoy the show.

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Servicing the Greater Annapolis Area, Annapolis, Maryland


Comic Ventriloquist
John Pizzi is the ventriloquist you have been waiting to hear. To him, ventriloquism is not a joke but rather, a career or a safe haven where he can be artistic without any judgment. His main goal is to make people laugh, people of all ages, kids and adults alike. 

John Pizzi has been dubbed one of the rising comic ventriloquists in Maryland with the type of comedy he tells his audience. He has been an opening act for many legendary comedians and he's also on the road to becoming the best ventriloquist in the locality. Hire John Pizzi for any ventriloquism services and be guaranteed of a rib cracking affair.

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Servicing the Greater Baltimore Area, Baltimore, Maryland


The Total Entertainer
Ventriloquists always have a fun and appealing way of bringing out the best humor and comedy. They are certainly great additions to many kid birthday parties or events. Well, if you are planning a private party where there are kids involved, call out one of Maryland's renowned ventriloquists, Ernie Fields.

He is mostly referred to as the total entertainer because apart from being a ventriloquist, he doubles up as a singer, musical genius and many other roles. Well, contact Ernie Fields any day and hire his ventriloquism services for your party and it's a guarantee that the party will be fun and memorable. 

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Servicing the Greater Baltimore Area, Baltimore, Maryland


5 Star Entertainment, Every Event, Every Time
B Happie Entertainment is home to the best of Baltimore ventriloquists. Ventriloquism is not an easy task. For starters you need to create an illusion to the audience that the puppets actually speak. It's quite difficult to pull that off without the right set of skills.

Well, at B Happie Entertainment, you are guaranteed 100% rib cracking laughter for all guests whether children or adults. If you are planning a party this weekend for your kid, hire B Happie Entertainment for the ventriloquism services. 

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Servicing the Greater Annapolis Area, Annapolis, Maryland


Popular Ventriloquist and Family Entertainer
John Carlson is one of the most popular ventriloquists in Maryland. He was interested in magic at the age of 12 and over time he has practiced to become one of the most respected ventriloquists in Annapolis, Maryland. Before he ventured into ventriloquism and family entertainment and he was always involved in children activities.

His switch into ventriloquism was part of his hobby. Over the years, he has harnessed his skill and become an appreciated ventriloquist in the niche. If you are looking for a family entertainer to grace your kid's party, John Carlson is the person for the job.

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Servicing the Greater Annapolis Area, Annapolis, Maryland


Marionette Shows and Ventriloquists
Kids love puppet shows. Ventriloquism which is a more refined puppet act involves one individual creating an illusion that the puppet actually works, which is the basic principle behind the marionette shows. Le Theatre de Marionette is definitely home to some of the best puppet shows in the whole of Maryland.

With expert ventriloquists and puppeteers, Le Theatre de Marionette has performed numerous shows of the years which have become memorable to this day. Include Le Theatre de Marionette in your kid's party this time and there will be no regrets.

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Servicing the Greater Baltimore Area, Baltimore , Maryland


Creating Miles of Smiles
Although Whoopsy Daisy is a ventriloquism act based in New York, the artist behind the talent travels to Baltimore every once in a while for private acts when requested. Renowned for the amazing shows and memorable events, Whoopsy Daisy is definitely the perfect choice for any private birthday parties

Ventriloquism is not an easy talent because it requires mastering of an illusion skill which allows the audience to believe that the puppets are actually speaking. Such as skill may not be easy but you are lucky Whoopsy Daisy is definitely one of the most respected ventriloquists in Maryland.

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Servicing the Greater Annapolis Area, Annapolis, Maryland


Family Ventriloquist
It's not very easy to come across a beloved family ventriloquist with clean jokes and creating laughter in all the audience with different jokes and comedy. Well, if you are looking for a family ventriloquist for the upcoming private party in your home, Daniel Jay Robinson is the perfect person for the job.

With a perfect track record of creating laughter and bringing out the giggles from many children and adults alike, Daniel Jay Robinson is no stranger to most parties. Contact him today and enjoy one of the best rib cracking affairs you could ever dream of.

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