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Hawaiian Luau Parties in MD

Create a tropical paradise for your guests by hosting a Hawaiian luau party. Our list of Hawaiian luau parties in MD features caterers, hula dancers, musicians, fire eaters and other entertainment services that will transport you to the islands of Hawaii. Find even more Hawaiian luau party services in Maryland by using this additional party-planning resource.

, Clinton, MD 20735


Shades Of Polynesia is one of the best and finest Hawaiian luau parties in MD

They offer exciting parties to celebrate any kind of occasion. With dances from Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, and Samoa you will have a fascinating experience. You may contact them to enjoy the most exciting party with amazing entertainment. You may also hire them for your kids' birthday parties or to celebrate any event. 


To know more about the company please visit their webpage or contact them directly for pricing or detailed info. 

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48 South River Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21037


Coconut Joe party

Coconut Joe's is just the place to be in Maryland. It has the right setting for a Hawaiian party. They serve drinks that will get you in the mood for the coast. It has the best Hawaiian drinks and stuff that will get you to think that you are in Hawaii.


They do host a number of events. Proper prior booking will get you the best setting for private parties. You should come and experience Hawaii in Baltimore.  

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21412 Great Mills Road, Baltimore, Maryland 20653


Great Luau party at Chesapeake

Chesapeake Shore stands out as a place where its reputation precedes the place. It is a great place for some of the famous luau recipes. You can tell from the patronage of the place that there is something great that keeps people coming back for more.


This is one of those places in Maryland where you have to be there for their  luau parties. Come to the Chesapeake Shore and experience the luau oasis. 

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3134 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21224


Great luau party

This is where it is at. The best place to hang out and enjoy a soft drink from Hawaii with friends. This is a place that hosts a list of events ranging from Hawaii bands to even luau parties. You will have a great time hanging out with friends enjoying the ambience the Hawaiian style.


You will absolutely love being in this place. The joy of being in Maryland is being able to get this kind of thing without the traveling costs.

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215 East Chase Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202


Biddle Street catering Hawaiian party

The Biddle street catering are people who know what they are doing. Their events, even though they happen quite a number of miles from Hawaii, make you feel like you are on the coastal island of Hawaii.


Maryland happens to be the place where they make people miss Hawaii. They can be contacted through phone, email or even via their website. You will never be at a Hawaiian party until you have a Biddle Street party.  

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220 West Read Street, Baltimore, Maryland 96761


Hawaii luau party

The Hawaiian entertainment company is a group that is determined to bring a Hawaiian experience to anyone, anywhere. Their Luau parties are one that you would not want to miss. They will give you a hula hoop experience like no other.


You can't get enough of the Aloha moments they bring to the table. They bring Hawaii to Maryland. Anyone interested can have their services on agreeable terms.

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2325 H Forest Drive, Annapolis, Maryland 21401


Party city Hawaiian luau

Party city is a one of a kind place in the whole of Maryland. The store is one that you will never forget. They have a variety of toys and things that kids can play with. It is amazing to come shop here. Their Hawaiian luau parties are also a thing that will leave a mark in your life.


They are open every day of the week. On Monday to Friday it opens at 9:30. On Saturday it opens earlier at 8:30am On Sunday they open at 10 in the morning. Come and feel the fun. 

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711 East Ordnance Road , Baltimore, Maryland 21226


Party Plus Hawaiian luau parties
You may not have the time, money or capacity to go to the tropics and enjoy the native delicacies and drinks. You may not have to worry about that any more. The party plus crew is a group of well-organized caterers who bring the party to you.


Save up your money that you would spend going to Hawaii and call the Party Plus people in Maryland. They make the best Luau parties and in turn give you an experience like you have never had before.

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390 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21231


Hawaiian luau at a sushi bar

It may sound a little fishy but they have a lot to offer when it comes to Hawaiian luau parties. They are well positioned to provide you with the best service that a bar and restaurant would have. They are good at what they do and they do it very well. The place is well-endowed by ambiance and a staff that is willing to help and are friendly to patrons.


At luau parties the whole setting changes to one that reflects the event. You will enjoy having a luau moment at the RA sushi bar in Maryland.

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405 Northern Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21742


Morris Frock luau parties
Th Morris Frock American legion is a cozy place for the Hawaii lover. Some of the best Hawaiian luau parties are held at this place in Maryland. May being the month of luau parties, you can rest assured that there will be a lot of action at the Morris Frock.


The place is well endowed by ambiance and with the best staff to show you around and help you find a place for you and your friends. A full house is something that you should get used to as you know the fuller the house the more the fun. This is definitely one place to visit in Maryland.

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, Annapolis, Maryland


Tiki To You

Tiki To You is a company that provides a moving van food service throughout Annapolis. It is one group that is determined to bring Hawaii to Maryland. The decorations on their van say it all. The Tiki To You services are available on request.


They do birthday parties and even personal events where they showcase their prowess and capability in bringing Hawaii to the rest of the world. They have been in business for over a decade so you can rest assured of satisfaction.

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