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Childrens Comedians in MD

Have some clean, kid-friendly humor at your next event by booking a comedian. FunConnecticut.com has found the top children’s comedians in MD who will have your guests tearing up from laughter with their hilarious jokes and comedy routines. KidsParties.Party is another useful resource for finding comedians in MD.

6 Market Place, Baltimore, Maryland 21202


Rib Cracking Laughter For Kids
There is nothing more interesting and appealing like kids laughing their way through the day or the night.  Imagine a rib cracking affair where children laugh and laugh endlessly at jokes enjoying their night. Well, at the Baltimore Comedy Factory, you can take your kids to a rib cracking affair where they can enjoy jokes from some of Baltimore's best children's comedians.

Being comedians for children means cleaning out the language and customizing jokes for children only. Well, at Baltimore Comedy Factory, children can enjoy their customized jokes and laugh away the evening. Enjoy the best of Maryland comedians at the Baltimore Comedy Factory.

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1 West Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201


Baltimore Comic Con
Every one including kids and adults have superheroes they adore and love. Well, we all wish that we could have one day where we could dress up as our favorite superheroes and not be judged for doing it. At the 2013 Baltimore Comic Con, you can definitely enjoy being your superhero.

Every year, the Baltimore Comic Con comes to town and allows kids to enjoy their favorite superhero costumes and different comedians in the city. Well, if you are looking for a place where your child can enjoy listening to some customized jokes for kids, it's definitely at the Baltimore Comic Con.

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9100 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, Maryland 21842


Bringing out the waves of laughter in kids
Although kids love playing with their friends, going to school, spending time with their family or relatives, every once in a while they would love to laugh their hearts out at comedy clubs. Well, at the waves of laughter comedy club in MD, kids can enjoy their favorite children's comedians and customized clean jokes.

At this rib cracking affair, children will laugh at the jokes the different Maryland comedians come out with and enjoy their visit. At the Waves of Laughter Comedy Club, adults and children alike can share a bonding experience over the different jokes. Visit the comedy club with your child and enjoy the best of Maryland comedy.

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Servicing the Greater Annapolis Area, Annapolis, Maryland


Amateur and Professional Comedians for Children
Every once in a while, comedy brings out the laughter and relieves the stress from our busy day to day life. Well, although kids don't have busy lives, comedy sometimes makes them laugh and always gives them a good time. If you are in search of the best children's comedians in Maryland, Standup Comedy to Go is the best choice. 

Here, you can come across the best amateur and professional comedians who strive to make sure that kids laugh at jokes and have a good time. It's also a good way to bond with your kids over some jokes and enjoy your time. Standup Comedy to Go is the one-stop-shop for children's comedy.

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2207 Rockwell Avenue, Catonsville, Maryland 21228


Comedy to make you laugh your heart out
Stand-up comedy is always a fun thing to enjoy especially in the company of your kids. Imagine having a special family moment where you can all laugh your hearts out at the different comedians on stage. Without any doubt, if you are looking for a place to share this magical humor with your family the best place to do so is at Laugh Well Comedy LLC. 

Here, you can enjoy the best of Maryland comedy from renowned comedians with fresh comedy and humor. Share this extremely awesome bonding experience with your children and laugh your hearts out at the best of Maryland comedy.

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Servicing the Greater Annapolis Area, Annapolis, Maryland


The Best Improv and Sketch Comedy
Comedy is an art not knowledgeable to many. There are very many levels of comedy available such as improv, sketch, jokes etc. Well, among the few comedians who are very renowned in the art of comic and humor, Drop Three is so far the best with regard to improv and sketch. 

At Drop Three, the mission is to make the audience drop dead with laughter and applause thereafter for having been entertained. Visit Drop Three with your family and enjoy the best of Maryland comedy with top tier comedians on your stage. Enjoy the best of kid comedy in the whole of Maryland at Drop Three.

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1901, Waldorf, Maryland 20604


Annapolis Comic Con
Well, looking for one event in the year where your kids get to dress up as their favorite superhero and enjoy the best Maryland children's comedians? Looking for a way to bond with your children over comedy and laugh your hearts out? Well, the Annapolis Comic Con is here. You can enjoy the best of Maryland's humor and comedy at the event with your children.

Prepare yourself for the eventful Annapolis Comic Con this year and share the best comic moments with your children. Forget about everything else because this is definitely the comedy you have been waiting for.

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Servicing the Greater Baltimore Area, Baltimore, Maryland


Christian Comedian in Maryland
Baltimore is home to the best Christian Comedian, Kelle' Avent. Having been through so much from birth, she has worked from the bottom to become the top Christian comedian in Maryland. Every once in a while she attends kid events where she uses her comedy to teach children Christianity morals and at the same time allow them to laugh their hearts out. 

Well, learning about Christianity from Comedy is the best way to understand the basic morals which makes Kelle Avent a professional and educational children's comedian. Well, let your kid make an appearance at any of these events and let her laugh and learn with the Christian comedy.

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, Baltimore, Maryland


Clean Comedy Acts For All Events
Looking for clean comedians who can entertain your kids at a birthday event or a private party? Looking for a group of comedians who bring the house down with the best children's comedy? Well, you have come to the right place because at Larry Weaver Entertainment there are so many comedians ready to make you laugh as hard as possible.

Remember, comedy is not an easy job. Comedians need to selectively assess the audience so that they can customize their jokes to a specific audience. Well, at Larry Weaver Entertainment enjoy the funniest clean comedy with your children and share a bonding experience with your children.

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