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Film Locations in Baltimore

Have you ever seen a movie and wondered where it was filmed? We can answer some of your questions right here! Check out these famous film locations in Baltimore MD. This guide will tell you where some of the best Baltimore film locations are so you can go visit.



100 North Holliday Street,
Baltimore, MD 21202


An Attraction of MD
Baltimore City Hall is a well-known place, in-fact it is a very famous place for movie making. People that love to observe filming spots, the place is really perfect for them. In-fact several well-liked movies were filmed here. The movie He Said She Said is one of the finest movies that were also filmed here. 

People that love acting spots this place is possibly a great place for them. In-fact the hall is really an awesome place where people might visit. 

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17 E Mt Vernon Pl,
Baltimore, MD 21202


An Awesome Place of MD
Among the famous filming locations of MD, The Peabody Library is really awesome. People that love to enjoy movies or famous movie spots may visit the library. The library is famous for several movies especially Sleepless in Seattle which is one of the best romantic movies that were filmed here. The overall library is amazing for acting, in-fact several books and other attractive things make the huge space really awesome for acting. 

You may visit the place as it is among the famous film locations of MD. You can also visit their webpage to know more about the library. 

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5904 York Road,
Baltimore, MD 21212


The Finest Theaters of MD
People that love to visit famous filming locations, The Senator Theatre is really an awesome place for them. The theater is a large theater, in-fact it is now a famous filming spot. Several amazing movies were filmed here at Senator Theatre. People that have an interest may visit the place to have an awesome experience. 

The theater is really an amazing place especially for the film makers. People that love films may also visit the theater. In-fact people may visit their websites to know more about the filming spot. 

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W Lee Street,
Baltimore, MD 21230


Visit Camden Yards Where Several Movies are filmed
Camden Yards is among the well-liked stadiums of MD. The stadium is famous for baseball and movies such as- Major League 2 and many more movies that were filmed here. Now the stadium is also a famous filming spot of MD. And there are several more attractions that you may enjoy.

People that love to observe the venue may visit here. In-fact people may also visit the webpage of the stadium to know more about it. 

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1101 Russell Street,
Baltimore, MD 21230


An Awesome Filming Spot of Baltimore
People of MD searching for famous filming spots may visit Ravens Stadium. The stadium is famous for several amazing movies. In-fact The Replacements is one of the finest movies which was filmed here. Even several more movies were filmed here at Ravens Stadium. For the people of MD the place is really an awesome place to enjoy too.

People that would love to visit the place or want to know more about the venue may also visit their webpage.  

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1300 West Mount Royal Avenue,
Baltimore, MD 21217


Visit one of the Finest Acting Spot
People of MD that love to enjoy the actual spots where movies are filmed may visit Maryland Institute College of Art. The place is now one of the popular and finest acting spots of MD. Step Up and several more movies were filmed here. The place is also an educational place where you will find several more things to learn.

People of MD that love to visit the spot may visit their webpage too. In-fact you can contact them to know more about the institute. 

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600 North Charles Street,
Baltimore, MD 21201


A Well-known Acting Spot  
People that love to visit famous acting spots of MD may go to Walters Art Museum. The museum is famous for several kinds of arts, even for several movies. Movies like- The Twelve Monkeys and many more famous and likable movies were filmed in this museum. 

People that love to savor the places where several movies were filmed may visit the museum. In-fact the museum contains several amazing art works that you can enjoy. You may visit their webpage to know more about them. 

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