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Best Attractions in Baltimore

Are you looking for the best attractions in Baltimore to visit? If so, you have come to the right place. Look through this guide and find the must go to places in the city.


409 Cathedral Street,
Baltimore, MD 21201

The Baltimore Basilica Best Attractions in MD

The magnificent Baltimore Basilica

This is a great place in Baltimore which has some great history. The Baltimore Basilica is a land mark in Baltimore and also a national shrine known as the Marian Shrine.


This place has history that runs back to over 200 years. This magnificent Basilica was built in 1806 through to 1821. It is a Co Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. So if you are a catholic and you are visiting Baltimore then you should make a point to visit this place.

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301 East Pratt Street,
Baltimore, MD 21202

Historic Ship Best Attractions in MD

The amazing Historic Ship

This is a great place for you to enjoy some of the best history that contributed to the greatness of the nation. At this place in Baltimore there are some relics of some of the wars that America has been in.


You will enjoy the live firing of the canons. The ships that have been retired to this place have some great stories behind them. So if you are visiting Baltimore you should make sure that you visit this place.

301 West Camden Street ,
Baltimore, MD 21201

Geppi's Entertainment Museum Best Attractions in MD

The exciting Geppi's Entertainment Museum

This is a great place in Baltimore city in MD. Located just a few blocks from the famed Inner Harbor at Camden yards in Baltimore, the Geppi's Entertainment Museum offers a rare experience to patrons of this place. They offer a walk down memory lane where you take time to remember some of the old time movie and television heroes. 


If you are visiting Baltimore your visit cannot be over until you have visited this place.

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35 Market Place,
Baltimore, MD 21202

Port Discovery Children's Museum Best Attractions in MD

The amazing Port Discovery Children Museum

This is a great place where you and your kids can have some fun. This place in Baltimore MD offers a great time for a family outing, especially for people visiting Baltimore. Your kids will have a great time in a virtual adventure expedition.  This place is what brings true family fun.


So if you are visiting Baltimore you can be sure that your visit to the amazing city is not over until you visit the Port Discovery Children Museum.

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901 West Pratt Street,
Baltimore, MD 21223

B & O Railroad Museum Best Attractions in MD

The amazing B & O Railroad Museum

This place in BaltimoreMD is an amazing place where you can learn more about the history of Baltimore. This place stands on a 200 acre piece of land. This is the same site with the railroad of the first commercial train in the land. You will also have a chance to explore and have a feel of how it was riding on some of the earlier versions of trains in the business.


You do not have to worry about your kid getting bored with all the train talk when coming to this place. The kids have their own place where they can enjoy and have fun.

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800 Key Highway,
Baltimore, MD 21230

American Visionary Art Museum Best Attractions in MD

The Mystic American Visionary Art Museum

This is an amazing place in Baltimore where you can come and enjoy some of the best art. The art at this place is very different from any other art you have ever seen. As you will find out, the artists at the American Visionary Art Museum draw their inspiration from the scriptures, cartoons and even fairy tales.


It is likely that you could walk into a setting at this place and wonder if you just entered a Snow White scene. It is with no doubt that your tour in Baltimore will not complete until you visit this place.

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601 Light Street ,
Baltimore, MD 21230

Maryland Science Center Best Attractions in MD

The Amazing Maryland Science Center

The Maryland Science Center is an incredible place where you can come and have a great time with your family. This place in Baltimore MD is unique in the sense that it has attractions not just in one field but in different fieldsof interest.


They have a great exhibition of different things, from the ancient mummies and dinosaurs to wildlife and even children's toys and playroom. So come and have some fun learning some of the mysteries of the earth and nature.

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501 East Pratt Street,
Baltimore, MD 21202

National Aquarium Best Attraction in MD

The magnificent National Aquarium

The National Aquarium in Baltimore MD is an amazing place where you can spend time learning more about sea life and even have fun. They have a variety of sea life that they showcase to the public. From the innocuous turtle to the huge ocean predator, the great white sharks, all can be seen from at this place.


They also have some other shows like the dolphin shows where the dolphins perform tricks for you and also an amazing film showing in 4D. So if you are in the Baltimore area you should really come and get to experience this place better.

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2400 East Fort Avenue ,
Baltimore, MD 21230

Fort McHenry National Monument Best Attractions in MD

The majestic Fort McHenry National Monument

This is a place in Baltimore MD that carries a lot of history. This structure was put up for military purposes. The Fort McHenry National Monument has seen and survived some of the biggest wars that this land has been in. Some of the mementos of the wars can still be found at this place.


So if you love history you will love being at this place. It is like taking a walk down memory lane. You will understand how the known famous Francis Scott got inspired to write "The Star Spangled Banner."

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