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Hawaiian Luau Parties in Annapolis

Make sure your next party stands out above the rest, throw a luau theme party in Annapolis! You will love the roasted pig, lei's and hulu skirts to really complete the whole theme of the party! If you want to have a really great time, have a Hawaiian theme party in Annapolis!


Annapolis, Maryland


Tiki To You
Tiki To You is a company that has made life easier and more fun. From Annapolis you can sample some of the best Hawaiian delicacies. They provide moving food services for people in Annapolis and other parts of the country. They are a company that will provide more than what you ever thought possible. 

If you have a party and you think that a Hawaiian luau party is the best option then these are your people. From their experience which has been for over a decade you would not expect things to go wrong.


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2325 H Forest Drive,
Annapolis, Maryland 21401


Party city Hawaiian luau

This is the place to be in Baltimore. It is one hell of a store for anyone who loves toys. They have a variety of toys for your little kids and also some things for the grownups, the theme parties, and more so the Hawaiian luau theme parties. 


They are a great experience for anyone who loves good old Hawaii. This is one undisputed way to have a Hawaii experience without actually going to Hawaii.

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